Classes at CTK

Baptism Preparation

The sacrament of baptism is God’s gift to us. This gift is an outward sign of God’s love, and a traditional ritual of making commitments to God. To be baptized at Christ the King, you must participate in a set of three baptism preparation classes. These classes are for adults and children over the age of 12 who desire to be baptized, or for the parents of a child 12 years old and younger who they desire to have baptized. These classes are held periodically throughout the year on the following dates and times:

Class #1: Wednesdays—September 18th, 25th and October 2nd—5:00-6:00pm

Class #2: Sundays—January 5th, 12th and 19th—Noon to 1:00pm

Class #3: Wednesdays—March 11th, 18th and 25th—5:00-6:00pm

Class #4: Sundays—May 31st, June 7th, 14th—Noon to 1:00pm

* Please contact Pastor Joel to arrange classes if these dates and time do not work.

Please submit baptism information through our online form here.

Baptism Preparation at Christ the King Lutheran Church

Communion Preparation

At Christ the King, we celebrate that the gifts of God are free, and that all people, including children, can receive communion at any service. Some families desire for their children to receive communion preparation and celebrate a first communion milestone. We offer these classes twice a year:

Class #1: Wednesdays—October 23rd, 30th and November 6th—5:00-6:00pm First Communion is on Sunday, November 24th at 9:00am

Class #2: Wednesdays—April 29th, May 6th and 13th—5:00-6:00pm

First Communion is on Sunday, May 31st at 9:00am

Communion Preparation at Christ the King Lutheran Church